Hiring the Right Contractor


Photo by Milivoj Kuhar on Unsplash

Finding the right contractor is tough! Skim through these tips to help you choose.

  1. Experience: Look for contractors that have been around for a while. It strengthens their credibility and most likely your project will run smooth.
  2. Informative: If the contractor can’t answer your questions, chances are they may not be the right one for your job.
  3. NO UPFRONT COSTS: The contractor should never ask for money up front. This typically means they don’t have enough money to start the job. The chances of the job getting completed to your liking in slim.
  4. Consistent Contact: If the contractor you have chosen simply cannot respond to you or answer your questions in a timely manner, this may reflect how the project will go.
  5. Reputability: See if you can find a project gallery or testimonials on their website. Another good idea is to look for them on social media.
  6. Cheaper isn’t always better: I know a lot of times we look to find the less expensive option. Have you heard, you get what you pay for? This rings so true! Get 2-3 bids. If one seems a lot less than the others, it may be a bad sign. Call the contractor and double check everything. You don’t want unexpected additional costs along the way.

Keep these tips in mind. Do you research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t ever work with a contractor trying to cut corners. This may result in consequences not only for them but you as well!


Author: Hannah N. Gomez

CFO @ Billy L. Nabors Demolition

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